Master Studies In Thailand

Study Tour Package
November 2011
Details – November 1st – 25th 2011

Total Price (not including airfare) $4500

(We can arrange for your airfare if you need help. There is an additional fee of $100 for this service)

Trip Includes:


  • Welcome dinner
  • Charming guest house accommodations in Chiang-Mai (private room and bathroom)
  • Two weeks Comprehensive Study, with Pischett Boonethumme
  •  Thai Food Cooking Class
  • Tour of Local Temple in Chiang Mai (Doi Sutep Temple)
  • Tour of King’s Northern Palace
  • Visit to the Tiger Kindom (An amazing experience!)



*(we are working on trying to add an option for a relaxing 2-3 day in a northern hot springs resort. Check back soon for more details.)


Janice and David Weitzer,LMT’s, your tour guides are Instructors of Thai Massage since 1993; bringing Thai Massage throughout the Pacific Northwest at top massage schools, local sponsors, and spas.

For detailed itinerary or more information contact:

Janice or David Weitzer at 503-590-3549